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Curso Online International Trade Specialist in Wine Markets

Impartido íntegramente en inglés



This course is entirely developed in English and focused on the key issues involved in international trade for the wine sector. The course priority goal is to provide the wine industry professionals with the basic knowledge and skills when facing global markets. 

The course is aimed at winery owners or decision makers, entrepreneurs, export managers, consultants and professionals with current or potential future responsibilities in international wine business.


Main goals:

  • The participant should be able to understand in more depth all the concepts and issues involved in winery internationalization and wine exporting
  • The participant should have a good command of the main language used in international trade
  • The participant will acquire the main abilities and skills for a position within the wine industry in global markets.


Strategic Consultant for ICEX and Chambers of Commerce (ICEX Next & Pipe). Senior Associate Member of Acocex (Asociacion Española de Consultores de Comercio Exterior). International Trade Consultant for International Institutions (EU Programs). Senior Partner of Spanish Wine Research & Genco SWR Wine Club.


Introduction to International Trade Management. 25 hours.


  • Introduction to International Trade
  • International Sources of information for wine markets
  • Methods of Payment & Financing in global wine markets
  • Customs Procedures and Trade Barriers in the global wine industry
  • International Transport & Logistics for wine operations
  • Incoterms 2010
  • Documentation in international wine trade


International Marketing Strategy for Wine Markets. 25 hours.

  • New world order in international trade
  • Key international decisions to be made by winery
  • Why should my winery be an international player?
  • Potential problems generated by our international presence
  • Factors determining international competitiveness
  • How can the winery assess a market attractiveness and which markets to enter
  • How to enter a target market
  • Do we need to adapt our winery and wines to global markets?
  • Market Strategy for our target countries
  • Main mistakes made by wineries in international markets



The methodology selected is Online Tutor supported Distance learning. The sessions are supported by an online tutor, webinars, video sessions and learning materials online. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course.






50 hours


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